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Creating Value in the 21st Century Finalized on September 25, 1997

Japan’s declining population, falling birthrate and aging society are all having major impacts on our economy and society. New issues such as increasing internationalization and global environmental problems also need to be addressed.

In this context, Japan’s real estate industry has a social responsibility to create new value to contribute to the economy and society. It is expected to supply high-quality buildings and housing, and help make people’s daily lives-whether at home, work, or play-more comfortable and affluent. As a cornerstone of domestic demand, the industry should also help drive national economic growth.

Based on this mission, members of the Real Estate Companies Association of Japan pursue their activities in accordance with the principles below.

Social Duty of the Real-Estate Industry

Members will help create safe, stable, comfortable and appealing cities; renew urban areas through forming quality housing stock and advanced business infrastructure; create dynamic environments rich in amenities; and work to maintain and enhance their value from both a hard and soft perspective so that they may be passed down to the future generations as high-quality assets.

Customer Focused Management

The provision of “Customer First” management is best served by supporting the lifestyle pursuits of customers in meeting their ever diversifying and increasingly unique needs with an enhanced selection of products and services, and also in providing accurate information while maintaining high ethical standards and acquiring greater expertise.

Principles of Business Conduct

Members will work sustainably in order to integrate economic and environmental goals and create harmony through the realization of low-carbon cities. Members will also implement business in a manner that considers global and local environments through energy conservation, waste reduction and increased recycling.

Realization of a Creative Vision through Collaboration

In addition to opening the Japanese real-estate market internationally, members will strive to make Japanese cities globally appealing through developing first-class cities and regions that will attract international talent, capital and information.

International Perspective

Members shall conduct fair business activities based on corporate social responsibility, ensure rigorous compliance by respecting consumer protection laws, eliminate anti-social forces and strive to act in an enlightened manner with respect to human rights issues.

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